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Our goal at Bara is to design and produce high quality, stylish and durable lifestyle products. The approach in the design is to create products with wide applicability as well as enhancing the users health and well-being.

The Story

In 2002 the idea for the first Bara-cushion arose. At the time a close relative of Bjargey was fighting a battle with ALS disease and the cushion was specially designed for him as arm support in his wheelchair. The cushion proved to be so good that subsequently a very thorough development process began in collaboration with both users and health-care professionals.
The fruits of this work has resulted in a quality line up of products; The Apple, The Pear and The Snake as well as other more specialised solutions.


“Why bara?”
“Bara!” She said and shrugged her shoulders.

The word bara means just (just because) or only in Icelandic. And we chose the name because of the gesture of shrugging our shoulders that often follows when we use the word bara. This in relation to our focus on shoulder-support in development of the Bara support-cushions.


Caring for the details

We’ve always taken pride in being meticulous in our craft and only using quality material as the way to produce quality products. Because of this careful devotion for our work we still know about ten year old Bara-cushions that are still in everyday use. It’s a great encouragement to hear from these loyal users as well as others who benefit from our products.

Industry reception

Even though our products are meant for everybody we have been very fortunate that professionals see a great value in our devices, and Since 2006 health-care professionals have been providing our products to their clients through the Assistive-device division of the Icelandic Health Insurance.

Future Vision

The past decade has proved fruitful for Bara, our concept and products have been in continuous development and today we’re at a turning point.
Our aim is to bring our products to further distribution here in Iceland and furthermore abroad where we’re particularly looking at markets in northern and western Europe.
Additionally we’ve got new product-ideas in development that we are excited to introduce and reveal.

But as Bara expands the most excitement will be found in bringing joy, health and well-being to a growing number of customers and users.

The People

We're here for your health and well-being

Ásta Ingvarsdóttir
Ásta Ingvarsdóttir
Birkir Brynjarsson
Birkir Brynjarsson
Marketing & Design

Tel: +354 772-7773

Bjargey Ingólfsdóttir
Bjargey Ingólfsdóttir
Designer & Founder

Occupational Therapist
Tel: +354 864-7876
E-mail: bjargey@barahealth.com


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Tel: +354 864-7876 (Bjargey)