The Apple

Specially made furniture for your hands


Use the stem as a handle and take The Apple with you wherever you go!

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The bara APPLE © is produced in Iceland and has a registered patent.

Words from the designer

Bjargey Ingólfsdóttir - Designer“As an Occupational Therapist I figured there was a need for some support under the forearms closest to the body when we sit and work with our hands. In ergonomics this area is called the Green Zone, and good support under the arms in this region helps reduce neck, shoulder and lower back tension while sitting.”

Bjargey Ingólfsdóttir

About The Apple

The Apple is a furniture-like cushion for your arms similar to what a footstool is for your legs.
It’s a multifunctional cushion designed to support a better body position and help reduce neck, shoulder and lower back tension when sitting.
Place The Apple in your lap, rests your arms on it and enjoy the benefits of having the weight lifted off your shoulders while relaxing, working and playing.

The Apple is particularly popular amongst those who do handicrafts like knitting, crochet or video-gaming and research has shown that The Apple reduces muscle tension when using it as support under the forearms while working on a computer.

The inner loop of The Apple consists of a rubber string which makes it possible to tighthen it further around your waist.

Usability options

We suggest using The Apple in various ways to get the desired function and support.

By placing The Apple in a U-shape around your waist in front of your body it allows you to correct your shoulder position by resting the force of the arms on the cushion while sitting. This position alleviates the weight from your neck and shoulders and also reduces back strain. You‘ll be pleased to find that you’re able to maintain a better sitting position with this kind of support, both while working and relaxing.

The cushion can be used for lower back support in the lumbar region either when you sit up straight or lean back on a sofa. By using the cushion behind your back in this way you can also get good arm support alongside your body.

It’s also possible to tighten The Apple around your waist to support your hands while standing upright.

As a cushion it has numerous possibilites. When lying down place it between your legs, under your legs to elevate them, under your head or arm, just relax and get creative, that’s what we’re all about.

Detailed Information


The bara APPLE is made of soft high quality upholstery fabric with a teflon surface on the outside which makes it easy to clean and remove stains.

The pillowcase is 80% polyester and 20% cotton and has a zipper on it so it can be washed separately.

The inner material is white and made of 100% cotton.

Inner Filling

The filling is of tiny polystyrine beads that give firm support and are easy to adjust to the body. In order for you to get the perfect support that your body needs the amount of filling can be adjusted by taking out some of the beads. They can be put back in later, if necessary. The beads diminish very little over the years but it is always possible to get a refill if necessary.

Washing Guidance

The pillowcase can be washed at max 30°C on a mild program without bleach in a washing machine. It can also be dry cleaned.

7. Machine wash, permanent press / wrinkle resistant, 30 degrees CDo not bleachDo not ironDry cleanDo not tumble dry

Weight & Measurements

The bara APPLE weights about 700 g, which makes it light and portable.
The size of the cushion as it is portrayed in the pictures is approximately 45 x 40 x 15 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

Choose between 5 colours

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What our satisfied customers and experts have to say?

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  • “I bought The Apple-cushion as I thought it would work well with knitting. I suffered a whiplash to my neck and therefore always have to struggle with pain in my arms, and The Apple really helps. It has supported me and comforted me through an uncountable number of stitches that became usable garments. Then I enrolled in a demanding university course in middle age and The Pear and The Apple supported me while reading a huge number of heavy books and endless computer work and made it possible for me to change place and position, go from an office chair to the sofa and then up to bed, and thus everything went better, both for my body and my soul. The Apple and The Pear have also gone with me for long drives where my body feels infinitely better if they hug me and support my valuable arms and hands. And then they always look new even after 6 years of use, and so smart!”

    Kristín Linda Jónsdóttir· Editor & Psychologist. 2012, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • “My Apple-cushion from Bara has been with me for the last 5 years. I crochet and knit a great deal every day, whether at home, elsewhere or in the car. The Apple makes it possible for me to do all this as long as I want to. I usually take the cushion with me, whether I am going abroad, out into the countryside or just next door, when I know that I am going to knit or crochet when I get there. When I use the cushion I can really relax my shoulders, which is a wonderful feeling while doing handwork. In fact, I often use it even though I am doing nothing… it’s just so nice to sit and hold it.”

    Edda Lilja Gudmundsdóttir· Designer & Teacher of textiles. 2012, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • “I highly recommend The Bara support cushions for women with edema in the arms. Both The Apple and The Pear provide good support under the lower arm and reduce the strain on the shoulders and arms. The support cushions from Bara have helped many of my patients feel better and made it possible for them to rest their arms in a comfortable position and even to do light handiwork despite the swelling.”

    Marjolein Roodbergen· Physiotherapist and Lymph-Therapist, Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland 2012
  • “The Apple from Bara is indispensable and I use it more or less all day. I hold it in my lap in the morning when I read the paper and get my morning coffee. Always when I sit doing handicrafts or using a computer. In the evening while I watch TV. The Apple is also an integral part of a trip by car to rest my hands and shoulders. Thanks you Bara.”

    Jenný Karlsdóttir· Retired teacher & handicrafts expert. 2012, Akureyri, Iceland
  • “I’d like to share my experience with you regarding The Apple and Pear-cushions from Bara. I’ve used them for a number of years. I use the larger cushion, The Pear during the night, but the smaller (The Apple) I use in the car while driving and during my daily routine. I find the fabric non-slippery and the material in the cushions helps me tremendously to adjust the angle of my arm. These qualities enable me to do more work than I could do without them. In my case these Bara-cushions have made a lot of difference. I’m a former breast cancer patient and today I’m fighting extreme edema in one arm. It’s no secret that these cushions have enhanced my life. I’m extremely pleased to have them. They have undoubtedly made my life much easier.”

    Anna María Ögmundsdóttir· Teacher and a former breast cancer patient. 2012, Reykjavík, Iceland