Back support cushion, designed to protect, improve and maintain a symmetrical body shape.


The Backup can be used as a part of a 24-hour posture management program

BACKUP is custom made to perfectly fit every client.
  • Bara BACKUP


The bara BACKUP © is produced in Iceland and has a registered patent.


The BACKUP is a positioning cushion for stable symmetrical back-support to prevent deformations in muscles and joints while seated or lying down in a supine position.
The BACKUP is tailored to perfectly fit each user to the get the best lateral support from the armpit and down to the hips on both sides.
Experience has shown us that the comfortable and tight spine-support has a calming effect, contributing to improved quality of sleep and relaxation.
Whether sitting or lying in the cushion the symmetrical posture-support supplied by the BACKUP stays stable in a fixed position because it is trapped by the weight of the user.

Individuals with a hard time sitting upright and counteracting gravity that’s otherwise pulling the body out to one side or the other can benefit from the use of BACKUP. Health care professionals recommend BACKUP for it’s function and ease of use. The cushion is lightweight and easy to take from place to place and can be used in most type of beds, mattresses, chairs and seats.

Professionals that are familiar with the Bara-products make measurements for the correct size of each copy of BACKUP.

Detailed Information


The bara BACKUP is made of high quality material called Comfort+ from the Danish company Gabriel. The material stands intensive cleaning and use, is permanently antistatic and fire-resistant and is environmentally friendly.

The pillowcase (comfort+ material) is 88% polyester and 12% polyurethane.

The inner material containing the filling is white and made of 100% cotton.

Inner Filling

The filling is of tiny polystyrine beads that give firm support and are easy to adjust to the body. In order for you to get the perfect support that your body needs the amount of filling can be adjusted by taking out some of the beads. They can be put back in later if necessary.

Washing Guidance

Most stains can be removed by brushing with a suede brush or using an eraser. Or use a solution of luke-warm water and a neutral detergent.

OBS: It’s important to remove the inner-cushions with the polystyrene-beads before washing the pillow-case.

Washing Machine - Regular 40°Do not bleachIron - Low TemperatureDry Clean

Washing Machine - Regular 74°The pillow-case can also be washed at 74°C but it decreases the fire retardant ability of the material.

Here you can read more about the comfort+ material.

Weight & Size

The bara BACKUP is always tailored to perfectly fit each user and therefor not sold in any pre defined sizes.

The cushion is light and portable and rarely weights more than 700g tailored to fit an adult individual.