A lightweight and compact support cushion

bara HANDPAD is available in three widths: 40, 45 og 50cm
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The bara HANDPAD © is produced in Iceland and has a registered patent.


The bara HANDPAD is a light and compact support cushion that fits into narrow seats, for example a wheelchair. It’s designed to support a better body position and help reduce neck, shoulder and lower back tension when sitting.
Place The bara HANDPAD in your lap, rests your arms on it and enjoy the benefits of having the weight lifted off your shoulders.

Many clients experience a feeling of safety, well-being and better balance when the arms are rested on The HANDPAD. It’s also possible to elevate the hands even more by placing the cushion in a vertical position on your lap.

The bara HANDPAD is available in three widths to suitably fit you and your chair. The sizes are 40, 45 and 50 cm.
The cushion is light and portable and on the front there’s a handle that can come in handy to hang the HANDPAD on a wheelchair.

Detailed Information


The bara HANDPAD is made of soft high quality upholstery fabric with a teflon surface on the outside which makes it easy to clean and remove stains.

The pillowcase is 80% polyester and 20% cotton and has a zipper on it so it can be washed separately.

The inner material is white and made of 100% cotton.

Inner Filling

The filling is of tiny polystyrine beads that give firm support and are easy to adjust to the body. In order for you to get the perfect support that your body needs the amount of filling can be adjusted by taking out some of the beads. They can be put back in later, if necessary. The beads diminish very little over the years but it is always possible to get a refill if necessary.

Washing Guidance

The pillowcase can be washed at max 30°C on a mild program without bleach in a washing machine. It can also be dry cleaned.

7. Machine wash, permanent press / wrinkle resistant, 30 degrees CDo not bleachDo not ironDry cleanDo not tumble dry

Weight & Size

The bara HANDPAD is available in three widths: 40, 45 and 50 cm and weights accordingly from 500 – 650 g.

Available in three different widths

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40cm – 45cm – 50cm

Reviews from our satisfied customers and experts about the HANDPAD

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  • “I sit in a wheelchair and have used the bara HANDPAD every single day now for the last 6 and a half years. The cushion gives me good support when I read at a table, work with a computer and take care of other household chores.
    I simply couldn’t manage without the HANDPAD – besides providing support
    It makes it easy for me to relax my shoulders and arms and reduces the constant pain.”

    Elín Þ. Snædal· 2012
  • “My experience of using the Bara-cushions (The APPLE, The PEAR and The HANDPAD) after 10 years of work in nursing homes is excellent. The design of the cushions increases their utility in many ways, both for those who are disabled and those who are not, such as in a wheelchair, while reading, for handicrafts, for those who are bedridden and for some Alzheimer’s patients who find it calming to stroke and handle a Bara cushion.
    Bara cushions are a gift that gives pleasure. They are wonderful for those who are healthy and live at home. After a day at work I think it’s great to grab my bara PEAR cushion and relax my shoulders and arms while I’m reading, using my computer in front of the TV or attending to other chores.”

    María Kristjánsdóttir· Physiotherapist, 2012
  • “The bara HANDPAD has been used at Grensás Rehabilitation center at Landspítali University Hospital in Reykjavík for many years, for our clients who are paralyzed and need support for their upper extremities. The bara HANDPAD is used to give our clients extra support for their paralysed extremity while sitting in the wheelchair. The HANDPAD works great to position the upper extremity in a neutral position and gives the client a sense of comfort and security. It is also used by some of our clients to get extra support and to relax their shoulders and upper extremities, while working on the computer or doing other table-top activities.
    On behalf of Occupational Therapists at Grensás”

    Hrönn Guðmundsdóttir· Occupational Therapist, 2012
  • “In recent years I have recommended and used the bara PEAR and HANDPAD-cushion for my clients who are bound to a wheelchair. The cushions are soft but at the same time supportive, two features I don’t often see in similar products.
    Beautiful, elegant and great products from Bara!”

    Guðfinna Björnsdóttir· Physiotherapist, 2012