The Snake

A Functional Neck Collar with a length of possibilities


The perfect travel buddy!
The Snake holds your head up while you take naps on long flights

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The bara SNAKE © is produced in Iceland and has a registered patent.

About The Snake

The Snake is a soft neck collar that can be easily wrapped around the neck like a scarf to get the desired support.

It might not look like a neck collar at first, but that’s exactly the idea behind the design of The Snake, to attract positive attention to the user instead of focusing on an underlying physical illness.
It’s an excellent solution for people with chronic neck-pain.

The Snake offers numerous possibilities when wearing it as an accessory or scarf and it is the perfect travel buddy, supporting your head so you can easily take a nap on long flights.

Usability Options

The Snake offers never before seen usability options as a neck-support collar.


The Snake is the ideal travel companion, wrap it around your neck upwards from your shoulders to your chin and adjust it to get the perfect support.
Whether you’re travelling longer or shorter distances, in a plane, train or a car the Snake can really help you relax and sleep when supporting the weight of your head.


The unusual design of the neck-collar makes it possible to use it in creative ways as a stylish accessory. Sculpture The Snake in any way your imagination makes possible and have a new exciting accessory each time you wear it.

Be Proactive

The neck collar is a good reminder of keeping your neck in a healthy upright position, preventing poor posture. Not letting your head fall forward or having an unhealthy strain on your neck and shoulders for longer periods.

Dealing with minimum neck injuries

The collar can provide those with minimum or chronic neck injuries sufficient support and you can decide by yourself how firm the support shoule be at any given time. The Snake helps the neck stay in a more stable position, increasing the feeling of comfort and security.

Detailed Information


The fabric in bara SNAKE is very soft stretch velvet, composed of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

The material has a glimmer-like effect when it reflects light.

Inner Filling

The filling is of tiny polystyrine beads that give firm support for the neck and degrade very little over time.

Washing Guidance

The bara SNAKE can only be handwashed at a maximum of 40°C. It must be handled with care and may not be stretched. It muse be put in a washing-bag if washed in a washing machine.

washing_machine_gentle_delicate_40-24pxDo not bleachDo not ironDo not tumble dry

Weight & Measurements

The bara SNAKE comes in two sizes (length): Small/Medium (≈ 225 cm) and Large/X-Large (≈ 265 cm).
It weighs approximately 90g.


The bara SNAKE is not in any way a toy or a neck collar for children.
It is important that only people able to put it on, adjust it and take it off themselves use The Snake.

Choose between 4 colours

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Instructions on how to wrap the Snake for use as a neck collar?

It is important that only they use The Snake that are able to put it on and take it off by themselves.
Step 1

Step 1

Start with the shorter and wider end resting on your shoulders at the bottom of your neck.

Step 2

Step 2

Wrap it around your neck and upwards so that it sits comfortably.

Step 3

Step 3

Tuck the narrow end in between your neck and the snake to close the loop.

Step 4

Step 4

Relax and enjoy the support of The Snake from Bara.

Fun Fact:
Asclepius the god of medicine in ancient Greek mythology always carried a snake with him for healing purposes. The Snake wrapped itself around his staff and today the snake-entwined staff is a global and commonly used symbol for medicine and health-care.

What our customers and experts have to say about The Snake?

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  • “The bara SNAKE is a flexible and warming stabiliser for the neck. It has proved useful for patients with neck problems. Two qualities stand out that make this collar special. Firstly, it has to be adjusted by each user and as such is a good tool to teach patients control of their condition. Secondly, it looks more like clothing than an orthopaedic collar, which makes it great for people with chronic conditions. One size fits all, so the whole family can use The Snake, with or without neck problems. My family often uses it as a travel “pillow” that can be worn as a scarf and then wound up into a brace to support the head during long-distance travel. The Snake is a handy gadget to have at home as well as in the clinic, whether for neck support, first-aid or simply as a fun conversation piece.”

    Kristinn Magnússon· Physiotherapist, Ásmeginn Physiotherapy, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, 2012
  • “After having been in 2 car accidents and suffered both back and neck pains it has been a great relief to learn about The Snake from Bara. It has made it possible for me to travel, both within the country (even on our potholed roads in the West Fjords) and abroad in coaches, which I could not possibly have done without The Snake. If I try the old foam neck piece it just doesn‘t do nearly as well and then everyone asks, what happened, and that‘s not comfortable either. But with The Snake from Bara I‘m often told, what a beautiful scarf, and that makes me feel happy.”

    Guðrún Júlíusdóttir· 2012, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • “The bara SNAKE is soft and comfortable and lies beautifully under my neck and over my shoulders. It’s simple to adjust it as needed so that it lies attractively around your neck and provides warmth and support for your sore neck muscles. Besides being a beautiful neck adornment it helps you have good posture and rests your neck muscles.”

    Guðríður Jóna Örlygsdóttir· Health Therapist, Garðabær, Iceland 2012